Turning / Machining

Turning / Machining

Kelbros Inc. provides quality turning & machining at competitive prices - one part or multiple, interchangeable cavities, small core pins or large cavity blocks. Our CNC turning capabilities extend to 32" diameter x 60" long.

Internal quality control procedures, CAD/CAM, and CNC machines are utilized, providing the highest quality product. We can assist in your design and trouble shooting needs when machining electrodes & mold components. Competitive pricing & worldwide delivery service are standard. Look to Kelbros Inc. for all of your custom mold components.

Since 1965, Kelbros Inc. has specialized in turning and thread grinding round components for Plastic, Rubber, & Glass Molds and Die Cast Dies. Some typical parts we machine include:

  1. Cavity Inserts / Cavity Blocks
  2. Core Inserts / Core Blocks
  3. Stripper Rings
  4. Unscrewing Cores & Drive Nuts
  5. Threaded Electrodes
  6. Contoured Electrodes
  7. Liquid Cooled Sprues
  8. Fresnel Optic Lens Inserts
  9. Custom Gate Drop Inserts
  10. Threaded Handload Inserts
  11. Split Threaded Cavities
  12. Hot Tip Nozzles
  13. Probes
  14. Bushings

Samples of our Turning / Machining Work

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16-Lead Thread
16-Lead Thread

Gate Inserts
Gate Inserts

Double Optic Insert
Double Optic Insert

Large Cavity Work
Large Cavity Work

Unscrewing Cores & Bushings
Unscrewing Cores and Bushings

Hot Runner Parts
Hot Runner Parts

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