Standard Luer Cores and Nuts

Standar Luer Core - Double-lead Thread

Kelbros Inc. - Standard Luer Unscrewing Cores & Nuts

In-stock - Drop into your mold base!

Kelbros Inc. has manufactured thousands of custom unscrewing cores & nuts for our customers over the past 50 years.

We now offer our own standard cores & nuts with:

  1. Standard double-lead Luer-Lock threads.
  2. Standard Luer I.D. taper specifications.
  3. Mold shrinkage included.
  4. OD taper-locks on cores.
  5. Jig-ground I.D.s
  6. Hardened, geared, Unscrewing Cores with fitted Drive Nuts.
  7. Cores & nuts fitted and sold in matched sets.
  8. In stock for immediate delivery.
  9. Made in the USA - Wisconsin.
  10. Please call for pricing - 920-922-4320

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